Online Grades: Excel File Upload

Detailed Instructions

  1. Internet Explorer is the recommended browser. Log in to, and navigate in the top-left menu to Faculty/Advisor Self-Service, then Instructors, then View My Class Roster. In the main part of the screen, a list of your classes will load.
  2. Next to each of your classes will be icons. One column labeled "My Class Roster" contains icons of students; you would click here to obtain a roster at the start of the term. A nearby column will be labeled "My Grade Roster" and it contains a new icon upload icon. It is this icon which you need to click to access your final grade submission roster.
  3. You will be taken to your online bubble form. From here, you could manually select individual grades, if desired. To upload all the grades instead via an Excel spreadsheet, click the text link "Upload Grade Roster" near the top of the page.
  4. You are taken to a page that lists all your classes again, with buttons near each class name. It will not work to upload your Excel file directly; the system requires a very specific format and file type to process the information. If you do not submit in this specific format, the program will not function and grades will not be submitted. Thus, you will first need to download a correctly-formatted .CSV file that has your roster pre-populated, and add (or paste) the grades onto that before re-uploading to PeopleSoft.
  5. Click the DOWNLOAD button. Most browsers will block the opening of a "Save As" box (even the preferred browser, Internet Explorer, may initially block the download). Either hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard as you click, or wait for the popup to be blocked and click near the top of the page to allow this download. Note that sometimes the disabling of the popup-blocker may kick you back a few pages and you'll have to re-enter the grade roster. Once you overcome the popup-blocker and click to download, you may find that a new browser window pops open; once you see the box to save the file, you won't need that blank browser window. Save the file to your desktop, and then open it with Excel.
  6. All currently enrolled students will be displayed. If this list does not include all of your current students, contact the Registrar (; 407-823-3013). Any students who have withdrawn will have a "W" already placed in the GRADES column. You may manually type the grades into this column, or paste them from your original grade book from the semester. (If you need them, we have separate tutorials explaining how to generate letter grades automatically in Excel and how to generate letter grades using Webcourses or myUCF Grades).
  7. Take extreme care if you are pasting grades. The number of students must line up exactly, or students will be awarded the wrong grade by accident. It is better to electronically match up NIDs instead of pasting grades; see this method for doing so using Webcourses (and adjust the steps as needed to fit your profile).
    • If you must paste grades directly, be cautious about trusting the rosters. To prevent problems, you should first adjust your gradebook to exactly match the downloaded roster for total number of students (for instance, your gradebook may have lines dedicated to students who have since dropped, but if they are not part of the downloaded grade roster, delete them before copy/pasting). If your gradebook ends on line 247 in Excel, the downloaded roster should also end on line 247. Make your gradebook match the downloaded roster.
    • When you delete a student, highlight the row first, then right-click and select "delete." Doing so should "move up" the other rows below it. If you just use your keyboard button to delete, the empty row will remain and grades would not be uploaded correctly.
    • Be very cautious about multiple students with the same last names, upper-case letters in the middle of names (such as McCoy), or apostrophes in the names, which can lead to students being listed in your own gradebook or the grade roster slightly out of alphabetic order. It is wise to sort twice: first highlight all cells (there's an unmarked "select all" button between the column A and row 1), then sort by FIRST NAME, and finally sort by LAST NAME, which will ensure that everyone is listed fully alphabetically. You may wish to do this also to the downloaded roster, before pasting. An alternate method would be to sort by NID if this is in your own gradebook. Just be certain that however you sort your gradebook, you must use the same method to sort the grade roster that you downloaded (and will need to re-upload).
    • If your original gradebook made use of a formula or lookup table to calculate letter grades, you must "copy" and then "paste special" (via right-click) and select "values" for the letters to appear as desired.
    • If you have to "paste special," after pasting you should click around a few places to verify that none of the students have an extra spacebar after the pasted grade (this can happen if you use a VLOOKUP table and have errant spacebars in that table), which would cause this student's grade to be rejected when uploaded.
    • If you use the gradebook in myUCF Grades or Webcourses, you can export the gradebook in CSV format, but you must be cautious about matching up lines of students. Students with Ws will *not* be listed in these gradebook downloads. You will also need to check whether your downloaded gradebook includes a line for DEMO STUDENT and/or a line for the instructor or graders. If so, those will need to be deleted to make your students line up. We recommend you follow a particular step-by-step method to paste from Webcourses or myUCF Grades, detailed on the previous page.
    • You should spot-check students throughout the roster after pasting, to verify nothing went awry. Be sure also that the paste was exactly the right length at the end of the roster (no missing grades at the end and no extra lines, either).
  8. Add codes in column F for any grades of I, U, or F.
    For Spring 2009:
    CD=Began and cannot determine
    SA=Began and stopped after 18-Mar-2009 or finished the course
    SB=Began and stopped by 18-Mar-2009
    NB=Never began the class
  9. After you have added the grades, save the file as a .csv on your local computer (you may wish to choose "Save As" and manually select a location, such as the Desktop, so that the file will be easy to find for the upload). You will see a warning message about lost functionality; click YES anyway. If you try to close the file, it may ask about saving again, but a further save is not necessary.
  10. Back in the web browser that should still be open, select the UPLOAD button for the class that you just addressed.
  11. On the next screen, click the BROWSE button to locate your saved .csv file, and then click UPLOAD. You will be taken back to the previous screen.
  12. Near the bottom of the screen will be a text box indicating "Progress." This text does not dynamically update or refresh itself! You must click the STATUS button to refresh the page and view whether all grades were processed correctly. You may have to click multiple times, or wait a few seconds.
  13. Once your refresh does make text appear in the box, you will see line-by-line explanations of each student's grade record. If the grade was accepted, you will see a message that the grade has been processed. Any other notification means the grade was NOT accepted for that student (the reasons may be various, such as a typographical error, an extra spacebar in the field, or an F grade without a code for last date of attendance). You are free to adjust the .csv file and try to upload it again, or to simply return to the online bubble form and manually fix any remaining problems. Note that if you left the W grades on the sheet for re-uploading, even these will show up as an error message (there is no way to prevent this, shy of removing the rows with Ws before uploading, but there is also no harm in the error message and no subsequent action needed).
  14. To return to the grade roster (online bubble form), click the GO TO APPROVE button near the right side of your screen (note that this button does not function to "approve" the grades, but merely returns you to the roster). The grades which were successfully uploaded should now be displayed. Any students whose records were not uploaded will still have a blank field, and you may manually select a grade from the dropdown box.
  15. Switch the roster Approval Status to "Approved" using a dropdown menu near the top, and perform one final visual review/double-check of the grades. When ready, click the SAVE button at the bottom. No further action needs to be taken by the instructor. The Registrar's Office will collect and post the grades automatically from this point. You will also receive an email almost immediately that your grades have been marked as approved for the Registrar to post.
  16. It is advisable to download and save (or print) a copy of the grades you are submitting. There is a button just below your student names to see a printer-friendly version.

Video Walkthrough

This video shows you the grade uploading process to PeopleSoft from start to finish.

Printable Instructions

This four-page .doc file offers the same step-by-step instructions so that you can print them before attempting to log in.

Security and Encryption

The University requires that student records be protected against theft, especially when placed on a notebook computer or a flash drive. It is possible to password-protect individual files (in Excel 2007, click the multicolored button in top-left, then PREPARE - ENCRYPT to set a password, without need to upgrade security type). It might be easier to establish a single folder on your hard drive to hold all sensitive information, and password protect the entire folder. In Windows XP, this is done by first creating a compressed folder and then adding a password. For more information, email

Common Problems

  1. If you tried to switch the approval status to "Approved" and the system doesn't seem to recognize your attempt to grade all the students, the problem is that you must switch the approval status to "Not Reviewed" before making changes, and then clicking the SAVE button before switching back to "Approved." Also, make sure that any grade of F, I, or U is accompanied by an attendance notification in the far-right column.
  2. If you tried to upload grades and NONE of them worked (or if your attempt to update the STATUS yields "processing" for more than ten minutes), it is likely you used an incorrectly-formatted Excel file. You can't just upload your own gradebook; you must download one from the grade roster in PeopleSoft (see the numbered steps above), paste final grades in, and re-upload. Be sure you download the "right" Excel file from PeopleSoft. If you're looking at the screen that lists your students' names, you should click on a link near the top that says "Upload Grade Roster." Do NOT click on the spreadsheet icon in the table that contains your students' names; this is there so you can later save a copy of the grade records after you submit them, but it won't work for the submission process itself.
  3. If you clicked into the "Upload Grade Roster" page and nothing happens when you click on the "Download" link, you may have pop-up blockers disallowing access. Watch for a small horizontal bar to pop-down at the top of your screen, or hold the CTRL key as you try to click the "Download" link. If all else fails, you may wish to switch browsers (Internet Explorer is the recommended browser).
  4. If your attempt to paste grades yields "#N/A" rather than the expected letter grades, you are probably copying from an Excel file that uses formulas. You have to "paste special" to deposit the letter grades (rather than the formulas) into the new file. Right-click in the new file, select "paste special", select "Values", and click OK.
  5. If you receive an error message when trying to switch the roster to "Approved" status after uploading grades, it is likely that one or more student grades had not been accepted during the upload process, perhaps due to typos or a lack of an Attendance Code. The fastest method to view the problematic students is to check the box "Display Unassigned Roster Grade Only" near the top of the page, and you can then manually select the grades for the displayed students via dropdown boxes.
  6. If you attempt to upload an "I"-grade without first completing an electronic I-grade form, the upload attempt for that student will be disallowed. The preferred procedure is to create an I-Grade Form before you upload a roster; find the link for Incomplete Grades under the list of all your classes on the "View My Class Roster" page.
  7. If you save grades (either by upload or manually entering them), switch to "approved" mode, and then try to return to "not reviewed" mode to re-edit the grades, you may find that the dropdown menu now features only the currently-entered grade and a blank space. This is a glitch in the system. Switch the grade back to a blank space, save, and click "View My Class Roster" to navigate back in to see the full range of possible grades.
  8. If you see an error message about the "process already being used" when you first click on the UPLOAD button, try again in one or two minutes. The system can only accommodate seven simultaneous uploads across the university.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I see at a glance which students had error messages during the upload attempt? Return to the online bubble form (the grade roster) and put a checkmark in the box next to "Display Unassigned Roster Grade Only," and the students with grades will temporarily disappear, leaving on the screen only those with no grade.
  2. How can I print out (or save to Excel) the grades that I'm turning in? Near the top-right of the grade roster (the online bubble form page) is an icon for exporting to Excel, and from there you can print or save the grades you've input or uploaded so far. If you just want a printer-friendly version, the button for that is located at the bottom of the page.
  3. What happens if I paste an F grade for a student who should have had a W? Normally, you're not supposed to enter anything other than a W (which should already been in the downloaded file), but if you overwrite the W when pasting, upon the upload attempt the system will merely note that this one student's record was not updated, and will continue to record the rest of the grades from the upload. In short, nothing breaks.
  4. I clicked on "Status" after uploading my grades, and a large scrolling report lists something about each student. Do I need to do anything about these? Not necessarily. The report provides a line of feedback about every student, not just those whose records failed to upload. If you have a small class, it might be worthwhile to scroll through and see if there are any error messages (if there are, you can either correct the problem and re-upload, or you can "Return to Approve" and manually fix the problems). If you have a very large class, you may wish to "Return to Approve" and place a checkmark next to "Display Unassigned Roster Grade Only," which will temporarily hide all students who have a grade. Thus, the only ones left displayed were probably flagged by an error message on the previous screen, but that exact message may not matter to you. If there aren't too many students without grades, it may be simplest to just assign the grades manually.
  5. What if I don't even see "View My Class Rosters"? If this link is not listed under Faculty Self-Service and then Instructors, it's possible that PeopleSoft doesn't know you are the Instructor of Record. Email and your department chair immediately. A workaround may exist in the meantime: click "Staff Applications," then "PeopleSoft SA/HR," then "Self-Service," then "Faculty-Advisor Self-Service." If you can see your class list now, you can use the icons from here to enter grades. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for SRSECURE to grant you security access from the Portal.

For Further Assistance

Contact the Registrar's Office (; 407-823-5510) for online grading assistance, such as missing rosters or missing students, and questions about policy. Contact the Faculty Center (; 407-823-3544) for questions about how to use the tools for online final grade submission.


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