Acceptance Rates for Journals

To find the acceptance/rejection rate of a journal, you can search Writer's Market for book publishers and magazine publishers.

For scholarly journals, you can search Social Science Citation Index, in the A-Z list, to determine quality by citation count.

The following book contains acceptance rates for scholarly journals in the social sciences and humanities. It may also include the following information: Type of Review, Number of External Reviewers, Number of In House Reviewers, Time to Review, Reviewer's Comments, Fees to Publish and the Percentage of Invited Articles. Also included are the standard circulation data and manuscript guidelines.

  • Cabell's directory of publishing opportunities in educational curriculum and methods 070.57 Cab (New edition is in the CMC).

Sometimes journals will publish their own acceptance rates. Search the databases in your discipline to find these articles (for example, for Education, search ERIC), using journals and acceptance rates.

Here are a few good articles:

  • Writing for Professional Journals. Henson, Kenneth T.; Phi Delta Kappan, v80 n10 p780-83 Jun 1999 (EJ587672)
  • Writing for Publication. Henson, Kenneth T.; Phi Delta Kappan, v78 n10 p781-84 Jun 1997 (EJ547288)

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