Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2007

Faculty Award winner

Regina Gresham

 College of Education

 Teaching and Learning Principles

My responsibilities are plentiful as I seek to inspire my students with a desire to learn. I consider education to be invaluable. I find the establishment of a positive, caring learning environment, one that encourages students to "believe in yourself with dedication and pride" to be priceless. It is an environment that embraces one's self and the differences of others. It is where learning can and should be fun all while fostering critical thinking and facilitating the acquisition of life-long learning skills.

I work to provide a classroom environment that invites all students to experience rewarding success. I know and understand that there are some specific invitations which students particularly need to receive in order to gain the most from school experiences, to have the most positive attitudes toward classroom learning with lessened anxiety, and to be motivated. Therefore, I use a variety of innovative, instructional techniques and methods to benefit all types of learners in the classroom. I work to provide learning experiences that offer quality and authentic content, provide multiple perspectives, involve mindful engagement and reflection, encourage collaboration, incorporate authentic assessment, and actively involve the student in the learning process.

Finally, I create an educational culture that summons and empowers everyone involved to become lifelong learners by setting high expectations, demanding quality work, and having fun in the process. I believe that it is important to be consciously aware of the theory behind what I teach and the way that I teach. I think that it is necessary to be aware of the complex interplay that exists between teaching, learning, and curricular theories in actual classroom practice.