Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2012

Faculty Award winner

Victoria Loerzel

 College of College of Nursing


As a nurse and educator, my teaching philosophy revolves around the belief that it is my responsibility to provide nursing students with a solid foundation for safe and appropriate nursing practice. I believe students are adult learners and should be self-motivated and in charge of their own learning. However, students need to be provided with the tools for success within a course. I believe it is important for students to strive to do their best and be active learners. Regardless of the class setting, I believe interactive learning with instructors and peers facilitates critical thinking and encourages application of the course material in practice. Students are encouraged to share their own clinical experiences so others can learn from their examples.

I believe my role as an instructor is to model professionalism academically and through research and scholarship. I firmly believe faculty should lead by example; not only being knowledgeable about their content area, but also being involved in professional activities. I believe faculty should be engaged and vested in teaching and learning and challenge students to step out of their comfort zone and participate in activities and experiences above and beyond core coursework. I believe feedback is important for students. Feedback should be timely, consistent, constructive, and meaningful in order to facilitate learning.

Teaching at the undergraduate level has been rewarding for me. I have learned as much from students as they have learned from me. I have learned to be more flexible on some issues and more adamant about others. I approach teaching and learning with an open mind and encourage that in my students as well. The excellence I expect from myself I expect from others. It is my heartfelt desire to have a positive impact on the students I encounter and to foster a desire in them to push the boundaries of their knowledge and strive to provide safe and appropriate nursing care.