Vision and Mission

The Karen L. Smith Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning is dedicated to promoting the success of our stakeholders - the UCF full-time, part-time and graduate student faculty and, though indirectly, the students they serve and the staff and administrators with whom they work. Our organization is commissioned by the UCF Faculty Senate to whom we report annually. Our mission is to actively support 1) excellence in teaching and learning, 2) successful research and creative endeavors, 3) professional development and fulfillment for faculty, 4) communication and collaboration among faculty on all UCF campuses and the staff members who provide academic and non-academic services for students, and 5) partnerships with other academic institutions and the regional, national and international community to support success in these areas. The programming and resources we provide for faculty support UCF President Hitt's five goals and the institution's mission.


Faculty Spotlight View Other Award Winners

Kristina Tollefson
College of Arts and Sciences Kristina   Tollefson I demonstrate a humanistic approach to teaching by modeling how to be a productive member of a learning community as I teach content, a lifelong aesthetic appreciation of art and theatre, and communication skills. My goal in exhibiting the behavior I ask my students to practice, including enthusiasm for th...

Michael Strawser
College of Arts and Humanities Michael   Strawser Three goals that are central to my overall teaching philosophy are energy, respect, and edification. Energy: I believe that a good teacher should be dynamic, enthusiastic, and passionate for the subject, very knowledgeable and competent in communicating his or her knowledge. These are prope...

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