Organization and Staff


The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning is a unit in the Teaching and Learning Division of Academic Affairs.


Melody Bowdon Ann Miller Eric Main

Melody Bowdon
Interim Assistant Vice Provost, DTL
Associate Dean, College of Undergraduate Studies
Executive Director, FCTL

Ann Miller
Interim Director

Eric Main
Associate Director

Julie Donnelly Landon Berry William Dorner

Julie Donnelly
Post-Doctoral Scholar

Landon Berry
Post-Doctoral Scholar

William Dorner
Instructional Technology Coordinator

Amber Mullens Chelsea Hilding Kris Hestad

Amber Mullens
Administrative Services Coordinator

Chelsea Hilding
Office Assistant

Kris Hestad
Senior Computer Specialist

Marie Brache Dawn Wright Nicole Garson

Marie Brache
Graphic Design Assistant

Dawn Wright
Research Assistant

Nicole Garson
Research Assistant


Faculty Spotlight View Other Award Winners

Thomas M. Dolan
College of Sciences Thomas M.   Dolan Effective teaching starts, but does not end, in the classroom because student success does not end in the classroom. In addition to clearly communicating contemporary scholarship about international relations to my students, I try to engage them in the logic of discovery, improve their writing and analytical s...

Tison Pugh
College of Arts & Humanities Tison   Pugh The common feature of all medieval literature, despite differences in authors, cultures, and genres, is that it is very, very old. When beginning my courses, I often face resistant students who have predetermined that, due to its age, the literature under examination is irrelevant and offers nothing of interest to...

Mostafa Bassiouni
College of Engineering and Computer Science Mostafa    Bassiouni I have a strong passion for teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in computer science and information technology. For undergraduate courses, I emphasize providing students with a good understanding of current techniques, improving their problem-solving capability, enhancing their basic computer skills, and...