Faculty Fellows

2009-2010 Faculty Fellows

Area of Focus Faculty Fellow Department Email
Experiential Learning Steven Neel Nicholson School of Communication sneel@mail.ucf.edu
Classroom Management Reid Oetjen College of Health and Public Affairs roetjen@mail.ucf.edu
Internationalization Keith Folse Modern Languages kfolse@mail.ucf.edu
Large Classes Alisha Janowsky
Pam Thomas
Sustainability Peter Jacques Political Science pjacques@mail.ucf.edu
Writing Jeff Kaplan Education jkaplan@mail.ucf.edu
Video (V-Format) Joyce Nutta Education jnutta@mail.ucf.edu

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Mark Calabrese
College of Engineering and Computer Science Mark      Calabrese Long before I graduated with my Master's degree, I knew I'd want to teach someday. I was inspired by previous UCF faculty that included Dr. Martin Wanielista (Environmental Engineering & Dean), Dr. Gary Whitehouse (Dean & Provost), and Dr. Christian Bauer (Industrial Engineering). I chose to pursue my PhD, but did...

Barbara Moore
College of Business Administration Barbara    Moore I believe it is imperative for students to learn the economic way of thinking and applications of economic theory in their lives, and to use technology to do both. I want students to be able to analyze economic policy and how it influences their decisions, as well as corporate, national and international decis...

Paul Desmarais
College of Nursing Paul  Desmarais I have never seen myself as the "Guardian of the Nursing profession."  My goal is not to "weed out" people. My job is to teach, impart knowledge, clarify, explain, correct, and instruct. More importantly, my job is to inspire awe in the beauty of knowledge, the excitement of understanding, the desire to seek more....