Faculty Fellows

2009-2010 Faculty Fellows

Area of Focus Faculty Fellow Department Email
Experiential Learning Steven Neel Nicholson School of Communication sneel@mail.ucf.edu
Classroom Management Reid Oetjen College of Health and Public Affairs roetjen@mail.ucf.edu
Internationalization Keith Folse Modern Languages kfolse@mail.ucf.edu
Large Classes Alisha Janowsky
Pam Thomas
Sustainability Peter Jacques Political Science pjacques@mail.ucf.edu
Writing Jeff Kaplan Education jkaplan@mail.ucf.edu
Video (V-Format) Joyce Nutta Education jnutta@mail.ucf.edu

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Timothy Blair
College of Education Timothy Blair I began my career in education because of my grandmother‘s influence, who taught for fifty-six years in the public schools. Teaching—sparking an interest in learning and imparting new understandings and dispositions to students—is truly a gift. Through the years, teaching has not lost its unique...

Ann Miller
College of Sciences Ann  Miller My goals in the classes I teach are for students to not only develop foundational knowledge and skills in the topic area, but also to develop enthusiasm about the subject, learn about themselves, and learn how to learn. Although these goals may be reached in different ways depending on the semester and the...

Ross Wolf
College of Health and Public Affairs Ross   Wolf I realize not all students learn by the same pedagogy and therefore have adapted my classes to encourage learners of all types to be involved. I believe learning is governed by each studentís background knowledge and experiences, but I can present my personal experiences and research into classroom discussions, le...