Faculty Fellows

2009-2010 Faculty Fellows

Area of Focus Faculty Fellow Department Email
Experiential Learning Steven Neel Nicholson School of Communication sneel@mail.ucf.edu
Classroom Management Reid Oetjen College of Health and Public Affairs roetjen@mail.ucf.edu
Internationalization Keith Folse Modern Languages kfolse@mail.ucf.edu
Large Classes Alisha Janowsky
Pam Thomas
Sustainability Peter Jacques Political Science pjacques@mail.ucf.edu
Writing Jeff Kaplan Education jkaplan@mail.ucf.edu
Video (V-Format) Joyce Nutta Education jnutta@mail.ucf.edu

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Kenneth White
College of Business Administration Kenneth  White Formal education is highly correlated to national productivity and individual accomplishments. The skills that students develop help a nation’s productivity while at the same time reward individuals for their commitment to excellence. Teaching is, I believe, one of the most important endeavors taking pla...

Jane Waterman
College of Arts and Sciences Jane    Waterman Science is like a mystery novel; one looks for the solutions to puzzles. I try to bring science alive to my classes, to show them that science is always a work in progress and that it is exciting. I think it is important to integrate my own research into the classroom, as research and teaching are synergis...

Cynthia Hutchinson
College of Education Cynthia      Hutchinson I am a follower of Leo Buscaglia who prefers the term "educator" to "teacher." He explains that "educator" comes from the Latin term, "educare," which means to tend or support the growth of another. That is the role I hope to play in the lives of my students. I am careful to follow A. Bronson Alcott's ...