2007-2009 Faculty Fellows

Faculty headshot Jeff Butler  /  College of Sciences
Faculty headshot Rebecca Hines  /  College of Education
Faculty headshot Wilfried Iskat  /  Rosen College of Hospitality Management
Faculty headshot Lauryn Migenes  /  College of Business
Faculty headshot Shelley Park  /  College of Arts and Humanities
Faculty headshot Linda Rosa-Lugo  /  College of Health and Public Affairs
Faculty headshot Claudia Schippert  /  College of Arts and Humanities

Previous Faculty Fellows

This archive lists previous Faculty Fellows by year at the Faculty Center.


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Chrysalis Wright
College of Sciences Chrysalis  Wright My main focus as a lecturer is to get students to view psychology as both a science and an art that requires knowledge and creativity, as well as evaluating problems from a new perspective. My goals for each class include to: (1) have students experience what it is like to find a unique solution to a psycholog...

Edward Dandrow
College of Arts and Humanities Edward     Dandrow Every course I teach is a shared learning experience, in which I serve as a mentor and guide to help students develop the knowledge, analytical and communication skills, and confidence necessary to succeed both inside the academy and in the world outside the university. The success I have had in the classroom i...

Dorilyn Hitchcock
College of Health and Public Affairs Dorilyn   Hitchcock First and foremost, I truly enjoy teaching. I hope that I will be most thought of for my enthusiasm for the subject matter and my love of the classroom. It is most important to be current and knowledgeable in the subject area. As Program Director and Clinical Coordinator, I must keep current in the tec...