2006-2008 Faculty Fellows

Faculty headshot Megan Alrutz  /  College of Arts and Humanities
Faculty headshot Sue Craig  /  College of Health and Public Affairs
Faculty headshot Mary Ann Eastep  /  College of Health and Public Affairs
Faculty headshot Michael Hampton  /  College of Sciences
Faculty headshot Rosalyn Howard  /  College of Sciences
Faculty headshot Karla Kitalong  /  College of Arts and Humanities
Faculty headshot Dawn Oetjen  /  College of Health and Public Affairs
Faculty headshot Fevzi Okumus  /  Rosen College of Hospitality Management
Faculty headshot Scot Schraufnagel  /  College of Sciences
Faculty headshot Nancy Stanlick  /  College of Arts and Humanities
Faculty headshot Andrew Todd  /  Library

Previous Faculty Fellows

This archive lists previous Faculty Fellows by year at the Faculty Center.


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Ann Miller
College of Sciences Ann  Miller My goals in the classes I teach are for students to not only develop foundational knowledge and skills in the topic area, but also to develop enthusiasm about the subject, learn about themselves, and learn how to learn. Although these goals may be reached in different ways depending on the semester and the...

Karen Verkler
College of Education Karen  Verkler I believe that content area instruction is of secondary importance. Of utmost importance is the establishment of a caring, positive learning environment in which the student is encouraged to believe in himself/herself and to demonstrate self-respect and respect for others. In addition, I adamantly espou...

Sandra Wheeler
College of Sciences Sandra Wheeler As an anthropologist and educator, I engage students in the exploration of human difference and understand it as a strength rather than weakness. In the current political climate where human difference is commonly feared and vilified, we need students to think anthropologically and appreciate the complex and diver...