2005-2007 Faculty Fellows

Faculty headshot Belinda Boyd  /  College of Arts and Sciences
Faculty headshot Robin DiPietro  /   Rosen College of Hospitality Management
Faculty headshot Karla Kitalong  /  College of Arts and Sciences
Faculty headshot Naim Kapucu  /  College of Health and Public Affairs
Faculty headshot Michael Hampton  /  College of Arts and Sciences
Faculty headshot Larry Holt  /  College of Education
Faculty headshot Maria Lavooy  /  College of Arts and Sciences
Faculty headshot Lucy Morse  /  College of Engineering and Computer Science
Faculty headshot Terry Thaxton  /  College of Arts and Sciences

Previous Faculty Fellows

This archive lists previous Faculty Fellows by year at the Faculty Center.


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Hyung-Il Jung
College of Rosen Hospitality and Management Hyung-Il   Jung I think the goal of teaching is to help and guide students to become intelligent and socially responsible members of society. However, this logical goal is often clouded by affective domains of learners and teachers together. For this reason, the responsibility of the teacher must include accommodating emotions...

Honghui Chen
College of Business Administration Honghui  Chen I believe that a professor must create knowledge and effectively disseminate that knowledge to students. I carry my enthusiasm for research excellence to my teaching. I pursue teaching excellence by setting high expectations of students, giving rigorous and up-to-date course material, showing my genuine care about...

Otto Phanstiel
College of Sciences Otto Phanstiel I image myself as a co-journeyer, who walks with students through the key concepts of the course and challenges them to solve new problems using these ideas. Revising and creating new curriculum is necessary to prepare our students for their careers. Over the past three years I have worked with other faculty...