2005-2007 Faculty Fellows

Faculty headshot Belinda Boyd  /  College of Arts and Sciences
Faculty headshot Robin DiPietro  /   Rosen College of Hospitality Management
Faculty headshot Karla Kitalong  /  College of Arts and Sciences
Faculty headshot Naim Kapucu  /  College of Health and Public Affairs
Faculty headshot Michael Hampton  /  College of Arts and Sciences
Faculty headshot Larry Holt  /  College of Education
Faculty headshot Maria Lavooy  /  College of Arts and Sciences
Faculty headshot Lucy Morse  /  College of Engineering and Computer Science
Faculty headshot Terry Thaxton  /  College of Arts and Sciences

Previous Faculty Fellows

This archive lists previous Faculty Fellows by year at the Faculty Center.


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Alla Kourova
College of Arts and Humanities Alla   Kourova Teaching is about making some kind of dent in the world so that the world is different than what it was before you practiced your craft. What kind of dent do I want to make? Rather, what effect do I have (or am capable of having) on my students and their learning? I attempt to answer these questions in ...

Melody Bowdon
College of Arts and Humanities Melody     Bowdon I have taught undergraduate writing classes for over fifteen years, and the most gratifying aspect of my experience has always been seeing students make ethical use of concepts and techniques learned from my classes in their lives as professionals and citizens. For me, teaching writing is teaching thinking, and th...

Carlos Valdez
College of Business Administration Carlos  Valdez I believe about teaching that it is a way to change the world. A course can be a small action but with great impact in students' lives if the course creates the appropriate learning environment where the students learn not only the theory but also how to apply it in real world scenarios. I studied communications ...