2005-2007 Faculty Fellows

Faculty headshot Belinda Boyd  /  College of Arts and Sciences
Faculty headshot Robin DiPietro  /   Rosen College of Hospitality Management
Faculty headshot Karla Kitalong  /  College of Arts and Sciences
Faculty headshot Naim Kapucu  /  College of Health and Public Affairs
Faculty headshot Michael Hampton  /  College of Arts and Sciences
Faculty headshot Larry Holt  /  College of Education
Faculty headshot Maria Lavooy  /  College of Arts and Sciences
Faculty headshot Lucy Morse  /  College of Engineering and Computer Science
Faculty headshot Terry Thaxton  /  College of Arts and Sciences

Previous Faculty Fellows

This archive lists previous Faculty Fellows by year at the Faculty Center.


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Karin Chumbimuni-Torres
College of Sciences Karin  Chumbimuni-Torres My driving force in teaching is to foster the best undergraduate education for my students. To accomplish this, I make sure to be involved with my students in and out of the classroom. I have observed that by caring, supporting them and serving as role model, I can impart the necessary motivation students need...

Kevin Mackie
College of Engineering and Computer Science Kevin Mackie I believe in challenging students with concepts and historical, theoretical, and contemporary problems while sharing my passion for the subject matter. Ensuring students are forced to think for themselves is essential. I accomplish this in my classes through team and individual problem-solving sessions, and compli...

Robert Borgon
College of Medicine Robert  Borgon Teaching is a learning experience, and effectively engaging and inspiring students is a skill that must be continuously developed. An effective educator must be passionate about their field, as the energy brought into the classroom can engage, energize, and motivate students. Teachers must also be willing to l...