2003-2005 Faculty Fellows

Faculty headshot Debby Mitchell  /  College of Education
Faculty headshot Cynthia Hutchinson  /  College of Education
Faculty headshot Ozo Onyemelukwe  /  College of Engineering and Computer Science
Faculty headshot Peter Ricci  /  Rosen School of Hospitality
Faculty headshot Stacey Dunn  /  College of Arts and Sciences
Faculty headshot Melody Bowdon  /  College of Arts and Sciences
Faculty headshot Terri Fine  /  College of Arts and Sciences
Faculty headshot Sabintino DiBernardo  /  College of Arts and Sciences
Faculty headshot Bette Tallen    
Faculty headshot Jay Brophy  /  College of Arts and Sciences
Faculty headshot Robert Pennington  /  College of Business Administration

Previous Faculty Fellows

This archive lists previous Faculty Fellows by year at the Faculty Center.


Faculty Spotlight View Other Award Winners

Aubrey Jewett
College of Sciences Aubrey Jewett Active learning fosters academic success and critical thinking. When students take part in the learning process they learn more, retain more, and think more than when operating in the passive mode. Thus whether analyzing pressing public policy questions, performing statistical analysis on data to investigate a res...

Kristin Congdon
College of Arts and Humanities Kristin  Congdon Because I teach about art, film, aesthetics, and the humanities (with a focus on visual art), I feel blessed by having disciplines that make it easy for me to capture the attention of my audience. Everyone who can see, and even those who visualize only in their mind’s eye, can become engaged with ...

Peter Telep
College of Arts and Sciences Peter  Telep During my time at UCF I have made some observations that strongly inform my teaching. Fact: Students who enroll in my classes do not, for the most part, enter the classroom without my enthusiasm for writing. Some are fairly determined; others want to learn enough to get by. Most do not actively seek feedback ...