2002-2003 Faculty Fellows

Faculty headshot Robert Ashley  /  Rosen School of Hospitality
Faculty headshot Melody Bowdon  /  College of Arts & Sciences
Faculty headshot Jay Brophy  /  College of Arts & Sciences
Faculty headshot Jeff Saul  /  College of Arts & Sciences
Faculty headshot Lee Cross  /  College of Education
Faculty headshot Thomas Evans  /  College of Business Administration
Faculty headshot Cheryl Green  /  College of Health & Public Affairs
Faculty headshot Jeff Ludy  /  College of Health & Public Affairs
Faculty headshot Judith Ruland  /  College of Health & Public Affairs
Faculty headshot Yong-Ho Sohn  /  College of Engineering

Previous Faculty Fellows

This archive lists previous Faculty Fellows by year at the Faculty Center.


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Kimberly Renk
College of Sciences Kimberly Renk Teaching is a critically important part of my position at the University of Central Florida. Whether I am teaching undergraduate-level courses, working with students through independent study, or mentoring students in their Honors research, I feel strongly that students deserve to learn in a respectful and non-th...

Enrique del Barco
College of Sciences Enrique del Barco Teaching at all levels is the most satisfying consequence of my responsibilities as a faculty member at UCF. I am strongly dedicated to the education of young men and women in all aspects related with my scientific background. I am of the firm opinion that modern societies require a better understanding of the mec...

John Schultz
College of Sciences John  Schultz As a teacher, I believe my role is to generate excitement and interest in the classroom and to challenge students by providing a dynamic and experiential learning experience. Experiential learning not only increases student interest by building a learning community in the classroom, but also increases student unde...