2002-2003 Faculty Fellows

Faculty headshot Robert Ashley  /  Rosen School of Hospitality
Faculty headshot Melody Bowdon  /  College of Arts & Sciences
Faculty headshot Jay Brophy  /  College of Arts & Sciences
Faculty headshot Jeff Saul  /  College of Arts & Sciences
Faculty headshot Lee Cross  /  College of Education
Faculty headshot Thomas Evans  /  College of Business Administration
Faculty headshot Cheryl Green  /  College of Health & Public Affairs
Faculty headshot Jeff Ludy  /  College of Health & Public Affairs
Faculty headshot Judith Ruland  /  College of Health & Public Affairs
Faculty headshot Yong-Ho Sohn  /  College of Engineering

Previous Faculty Fellows

This archive lists previous Faculty Fellows by year at the Faculty Center.


Faculty Spotlight View Other Award Winners

Timothy Blair
College of Education Timothy Blair I began my career in education because of my grandmother‘s influence, who taught for fifty-six years in the public schools. Teaching—sparking an interest in learning and imparting new understandings and dispositions to students—is truly a gift. Through the years, teaching has not lost its unique...

Humberto Lopez
College of Arts and Humanities Humberto   Lopez If I were to encapsulate the most important principle in my teaching philosophy it would be that one must enjoy being a teacher in order to be a good one. I am passionate about education because I am a learner myself who believes that learning should be curiosity driven, active, and enjoyable, and should emphasize...

Jacqueline LaManna
College of Nursing Jacqueline LaManna I love teaching! I love nursing! Fortunately, the educator role is integral to nursing practice. I have been afforded the opportunity to teach in a variety of positions for most of my nursing career. Each of these experiences has provided the foundation for my philosophy of teaching.I believe that pre-licensure ...