Advisory Board


Members Departments
Andrea Berry COM, Director of Faculty Development
Melody Bowdon CAH, English
Jason Burrell CAH, Art and Regional Campuses
Tace Crouse FCTL, Interim Director
Madi Dogariu BHC, Student Services
Linda Futch CDL, Instructional Specialist
Michael Hampton Interdisciplinary Studies, Director & Professor
Tad Hara Tourism, Events and Attractions (Interim Chair)
Rebecca Hines CED, Child, Family & Community Sciences and Regional Campuses
Peter Jacques COS, Political Science & FCTL Fellow
Alisha Janowsky COS, Psychology & FCTL Fellow
Jeffery Kaplan CED, Educational Studies & FCTL Fellow
Ali Korosy CAH, Modern Lang & Literatures
Bernard Mackey Pre-Professional Advising, Director
Patti MacKown SDES, Student Rights & Responsibilities
Eric Main FCTL, Assistant Director
Don Merritt OIR, Coordinator
Lauryn Migenes CBA, Management
Alison Morrison-Shetlar Undergraduate Studies, Vice Provost & Dean
Steve Neel COS, Speech & FCTL Fellow
Joyce Nutta CED, Teaching and Learning Principles & FCTL Fellow
Reid Oetjen COHPA, Health Management & FCTL Fellow
Charles Reilly CECS, Interim Associate Dean & Professor
Melvin Rogers COHPA, Associate Dean
Judith Ruland CON, Nursing
Mohtasham Samsam COM, M&M
Meg Scharf Library, Associate Director
Consuelo Stebbins Internationalization, Assistant Vice President & Professor
Pam Thomas COS, Biology & FCTL Fellow
Elizabeth Wardle CAH, English
Lisa Wayte Academic Computing, Assistant Director
Diane Wink CON, Nursing & Senate Representative
Kevin Yee FCTL, Assistant Director
Amy Zeh Service-Learning, Director

Other Years


Faculty Spotlight View Other Award Winners

Jane Compson
College of Arts and Humanities Jane Compson ‘How do we know?’ This is a key question in many philosophical and religious traditions, and is one my students consider in many different contexts. Just as important, though, is the question of the way in which we know things. In our culture, we tend to take it for granted that the rational and the se...

Arup Guha
College of Engineering and Computer Science Arup  Guha The ultimate goal of any educator should be to enable his/her students to achieve their potential. I attempt to attain this goal through three major techniques: creating a friendly classroom atmosphere, giving challenging and creative assignments and exams, and adapting my courses to the specific students that I h...

Thomas Wu
College of Engineering and Computer Science Thomas   Wu It is both challenging and fascinating to be a teacher. In all the courses I teach, I set high standards for myself and prepare carefully for each lecture. Besides teaching technical materials, I train students to have the capabilities to: think critically and analytically; work hard and inno...