Advisory Board


Members Departments
Melody Bowdon CAH, English
Jeffery Butler COS, Communication
Rusty Carpenter Writing Center
Ida Cook Senate & COS, Sociology
Lynn Crespo COM, Assistant Dean
Tace Crouse FCTL, Assistant Director
Madi Dogariu BHC, Student Services
Linda Futch CDL, Instructional Specialist
Michael Hampton Interdisciplinary Studies, Director & Professor
Rebecca Hines COE/Child, Family, Community Sciences
Wilfried Iskat RCHM, Lodging & Food Service Operations
Jeffery Kaplan COE, Educational Studies
Ali Korosy CAH, Modern Lang & Literatures
Patti MacKown SDES, Student Rights & Responsibilities
Eric Main FCTL, Instructional Specialist
Ruth Marshall OIR, Director
Lauryn Migenes CBA, Management
Alison Morrison-Shetlar Undergraduate Studies, Vice Provost & Dean
Shelley Park CAH, Philosophy
Charles Reilly CECS, Interim Associate Dean & Professor
Melvin Rogers COHPA, Assistant Dean
Judith Ruland CON, Nursing
Mohtsham Samsam COM, M&M
Meg Scharf Library, Associate Director
John Schell Academic Affairs, Vice Provost
Claudia Schippert CAH, Philosophy
Consuelo Stebbins Internationalization, Assistant Vice President & Professor
Haven Sweet COS, Associate Dean
Lisa Wayte Academic Computing, Assistant Director
Kevin Yee FCTL, Academic Support Coordinator
Amy Zeh Service-Learning, Director

Other Years


Faculty Spotlight View Other Award Winners

Melody Bowdon
College of Arts and Sciences Melody    Bowdon I have taught undergraduate writing classes for over twelve years, and the most gratifying aspect of my experience has always been seeing students make ethical use of the concepts and techniques that they learn from my classes in their lives as professionals and citizens. For me, teaching writing is teaching think...

Ezekiel Walker
College of Arts & Humanities Ezekiel   Walker Teaching is my passion. For me the classroom provides a forum both for the impartation of knowledge and for the exchange of ideas, those of my students, and those of the authors we read. Through our interaction, I find that I am intellectually challenged and fulfilled. In order to facilitate an intellectual atmosp...

Cecilia Rodriguez Milanes
College of Arts and Humanities Cecilia Rodriguez  Milanes Ilove teaching. For me the classroom is aplace of excitement, energy, challenge and beauty. Many educational philosophies have influencedmy pedagogy, the most important of which is a student-centered and dialogicapproach. I strive to empower students,challenging them to become better critical thinkers, r...