Advisory Board


Members Departments
Megan Alrutz CAH, Theater
Melody Bowdon CAH, English
Ida Cook COS, Sociology
Susan Craig COHPA, Criminal Justice & Legal Studies
Tace Crouse FCTL, Assistant Director
Madi Dogariu BHC, Student Services
Mary Ann Eastep COHPA, Criminal Justice & Legal Studies
Linda Futch CDL, Lead Instructional Designer
Michael Hampton Interdisciplinary Studies, Director
Rosalyn Howard COS, Anthropology
Jeffery Kaplan COE, Educational Studies
Pam Kirby COHPA, Associate Dean
Karla Kitalong CAH & Writing Programs, English
Ali Korosy CAH, Modern Languages & Literatures
Stephen LeBruto RCHM, Associate Dean
Eric Main FCTL, Instructional Specialist
Ruth Marshall OIR, Director
Gary Morgan-Muskin SDES, Lead Scholars
Alison Morrison-Shetlar Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Saleh Naser BCBS, Medical Lab Science Program
Jamal Nayfeh CECS, Associate Dean
Dawn Oetjen COHPA, Health Professions
Fevzi Okumus RCHM, Tourism, Events, & Attractions
Mohtsham Samsam BCBS, Molecular Biology and Microbiology
Meg Scharf Library, Associate Director
John Schell Academic Affairs, Vice Provost
Scot Schraufnagel COS/Regional Campuses, Political Science
Consuelo Stebbins International Studies
Haven Sweet COS, Associate Dean
Randy Upchurch Distributed Learning, Director
Lisa Wayte Academic Computing, Assistant Director
Judy Welch CBA, School of Accounting
Amy Zeh Service-Learning, Director

Other Years


Faculty Spotlight View Other Award Winners

Karen Verkler
College of Education Karen  Verkler I believe that content area instruction is of secondary importance. Of utmost importance is the establishment of a caring, positive learning environment in which the student is encouraged to believe in himself/herself and to demonstrate self-respect and respect for others. In addition, I adamantly espou...

Jane Waterman
College of Arts and Sciences Jane    Waterman Science is like a mystery novel; one looks for the solutions to puzzles. I try to bring science alive to my classes, to show them that science is always a work in progress and that it is exciting. I think it is important to integrate my own research into the classroom, as research and teaching are synergis...

Robert Borgon
College of Medicine Robert    Borgon Teaching is a learning experience, and effectively engaging and transferring knowledge to hundreds of students is a skill that must be developed and improved upon each semester. I believe teaching can be honed through experience, listening to students, learning from colleagues, and developing new ways to connect t...