Advisory Board


Members Departments
Melody Bowdon CAH, English
Belinda Boyd CAH Fellow, Theatre
Manoj Chopra CECS, Civil & Environmental Eng
Tace Crouse FCTL, Assistant Director
Robin DiPietro RCHM Fellow, Hospitality Operations
Madi Dogariu BHC, Student Services
Cheryl Green COHPA, School of Social Work
Michael Hampton COS/GEP Assess, Chemistry
Larry Holt COE Fellow, Educational Studies
Jeffery Kaplan COE, Educational Studies
Naim Kapucu COHPA Fellow, Public Administration
Pam Kirby COHPA, Associate Dean
Karla Kitalong CAH Fellow, English
Ali Korosy CAH, Modern Languages & Literatures
Maria Lavooy COS/Reg Campus Fellow, Psychology
Stephen LeBruto RCHM, Associate Dean
Eric Main FCTL, Instructional Specialist
Ruth Marshall OIR, Director
Gary Morgan-Muskin SDES, Lead Scholars
Alison Morrison-Shetlar FCTL, Director
Lucy Morse CECS Fellow, Eng Technology
Saleh Naser BCBS, Medical Lab Science Program
Jamal Nayfeh CECS, Associate Dean
Michael Newlin COS/Reg Campus Fellow, Psychology
Mohtsham Samsam BCBS, Molecular Biology and Microbiology
Meg Scharf Library, Associate Director
John Schell Academic Affairs, Vice Provost
Consuelo Stebbins CAH, Assistant Dean
Haven Sweet COS, Associate Dean
Terry Thaxton CAH/ S-L Fellow, English
Randy Upchurch Distributed Learning, Director
Dale Voorhees CDL, Coordinator
Lisa Wayte Academic Computing, Assistant Director
Judy Welch CBA, School of Accounting
Robert Williams COE, Chair, Department of Teaching and Learning Principles
Amy Zeh Service-Learning, Director

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Faculty Spotlight View Other Award Winners

Chiara Mazzucchelli
College of Arts and Humanities Chiara     Mazzucchelli As an Italian instructor, by the book, much of my classroom work focuses on helping students build proficiency in the four language skill areas–listening, speaking, reading, and writing. However, my goal as a teacher goes beyond the facilitation of linguistic growth. I want to open students' eyes to other ...

Melissa Frye
College of Business Administration Melissa Frye Today’s workplace offers new challenges to students — the options are wider, the demands are greater, and the workplace is less structured. To be successful, students will need to meet the challenges of this type of working environment. A teacher is the guide who helps them prepare to meet these challe...

Costas Efthimiou
College of Arts and Sciences Costas         Efthimiou Physics and Mathematics have garnered reputations as extremely difficult scientific disciplines, accessible only to students with innate natural talent. In fact, although these subjects can be more abstract than others, an enthusiastic and devoted teacher can instill the excitement and awe of und...