Advisory Board


Members Departments
Melody Bowdon CAH, English
Manoj Chopra CECS, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Tace Crouse FCTL, Assistant Director
Sabatino DiBernardo CAH, Philosophy
Madi Dogariu Honors College, Student Services
Taylor Ellis CBA, Associate Dean
Cheryl Green COHPA, School of Social Work
Glenda Gunter COE, Educational Research, Technology and Leadership
Kathy Hohenleitner CAH, English
Stephen Holmes COHPA, Assistant Dean
Bernie Jensen Regional Campuses
Bernadette Jungblut CS, Political Science
Jeffery Kaplan COE, Educational Studies
Ali Korosy CAH, Modern Languages & Literatures
Eric Main FCTL, Instructional Specialist
Ruth Marshall OIR, Director
Barbara Moore CBA, Economics
Gary Morgan-Muskin SDES, Lead Scholars
Alison Morrison-Shetlar FCTL, Director
Jamal Nayfeh CECS, Associate Dean
Saleh Naser Biomed Sciences, Medical Laboratory Sciences Program
Melvin Rogers COHPA, Assistant Dean
Mohtsham Samsam BCBS, Molecular Biology and Microbiology
Meg Scharf Library
John Schell Academic Affairs, Assistant Vice President
Denver Severt RCHM, Hospitality Operations
Consuelo Stebbins CAH, Assistant Dean
Dale Voorhees CDL, Assistant Director, Course Development
Lisa Wayte Computer Services
Judy Welch CBA, School of Accounting
Diane Wink COHPA, Nursing
Tim Worrell COHPA, Health Professions
Beth Young CAH, Assistant Dean

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Faculty Spotlight View Other Award Winners

Tim Brown
College of Sciences Tim  Brown “I want to be a journalist. You know, like Nancy Grace, or Oprah.” Unfortunately, that is an all too common line in my office when I meet students who want to be—or think they want to be—electronic journalists. They have confused entertainment with a calling. It‘s far different in ...

Timothy Blair
College of Education Timothy Blair I began my career in education because of my grandmother‘s influence, who taught for fifty-six years in the public schools. Teaching—sparking an interest in learning and imparting new understandings and dispositions to students—is truly a gift. Through the years, teaching has not lost its unique...

Deirdre Englehart
College of Education Deirdre Englehart I am an educator. I continually seek opportunities to learn and grow in my profession and in my teaching. Education is an opportunity. As an educator I have an opportunity and an obligation. I have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of my students and an obligation to prepare them for their future t...