Advisory Board


Members Departments
Melody Bowdon English
Arlen Chase Faculty Senate, Chair
Sabatino DiBernardo Religion, Philosophy & Humanities, Brevard Campus Representative
Patricia Crawford COE, Assistant Professor
Stacey Dunn Psychology
Taylor Ellis CBA, Associate Dean
Cheryl Green COHPA, Social Work
Kathy Hohenleitner FCTL/CAS, Senior Faculty Fellow
Stephen Holmes Criminal Justice, COHPA Assistant Dean
Marilyn Holmquist College Of Business Administration
Cynthia Hutchinson Educational Studies
Jeffrey Kaplan Educational Studies, Daytona Campus Representative
Ali Korosy Foreign Languages & Literatures, Instructor
J. Stephen Lytle COHPA, Health Services Administration, Large Classes Fellow
Eric Main FCTL, Instructional Specialist
Ruth Marshall Office of Instructional Resources, Director
Debby Mitchell Teaching and Learning Principles
Alison Morrison-Shetlar FCTL, Director
Jamal Nayfeh CECS, Associate Dean
Uzo Oneyemelukwe Civil & Environmental Engineering
Peter Ricci Hospitality
Meg Scharf Library, Associate Director
John Schell Academic Affairs, Dean of Undergraduate Studies & Assist Vice President
Consuelo Stebbins Foreign Languages & Literatures, Chair
Dale Voorhees Center for Distributed Learning, Assistant Director
Lisa Wayte Academic Computing Support, Computer Services, Assistant Director
Judy Welch School of Accounting
Beth Young English, University Writing Center

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Faculty Spotlight View Other Award Winners

Kristin Congdon
College of Arts and Humanities Kristin  Congdon Because I teach about art, film, aesthetics, and the humanities (with a focus on visual art), I feel blessed by having disciplines that make it easy for me to capture the attention of my audience. Everyone who can see, and even those who visualize only in their mind’s eye, can become engaged with ...

Tammie Kaufman
College of Rosen College of Hospitality Management Tammie Kaufman The ability to reach a student and create a passion for learning is the greatest gift that can be given. During my undergraduate career I had one such instructor that “woke me up” and helped me to analyze and question what I read, and taught me how to apply what I learned to my life. This created the ...

William Russell
College of Education and Human Performance William       Russell I became a teacher because I wanted to have a positive impact on students’ lives. To ensure that I positively impact students, I follow three basic beliefs: I believe students have different learning styles which require various instructional strategies, methods, and techniques. I believe that the in...